1What is considered an emergency, and is there emergency maintenance?
  • Emergencies generally include items in your lease that cannot wait until the next business day to be addressed.
  • Maintenance emergencies can be submitted online through the resident portal or by calling/texting 786-509-5206. These include:
    • Clogged or non-functioning toilet (when there is only one toilet in the unit).
    • Broken pipes causing leaks or floods
    • No hot water
    • No heat (if the outside temperature is below 50 degrees)
    • No air conditioning (if the outside temperature is above 89 degrees)
    • Broken doorknobs, lock, or window (if the broken item prevents you from securing your apartment)
    • No electricity (please check with your service provider to see if there is an area outage, prior to contacting emergency maintenance services).

Call 911 for life threatening and non-maintenance emergencies.

2How much notice will you give before entering my rental space?
We will provide you a 24-hour notice prior entering the premises. Notice may not be provided for emergency services and situations.
3Are pets allowed?
We do not allow pets in our communities currently.
4How much notice do I give before vacating?
We require a 60-day written notice to vacate.
5What's the penalty for breaking my lease?
The penalty for breaking your lease can be up to 2.0x the rent.
6What is the guest policy?
Guests that spend more than 10 days at the property need to be registered and we may request a full application be completed; the guest will need to be approved with our screening criteria.