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Property Maintenance

JMK Property Management ensures diligent property upkeep for successful investments. Our comprehensive Property Maintenance Services cover all aspects, from plumbing to emergency repairs, provided by our expert team and trusted network of trades. Choose us for consistent care and value protection.

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General Property Upkeep

We provide thorough property upkeep services that cover cleaning, landscaping, and painting. Regular maintenance is ensured to keep the properties aesthetically pleasing and functional, improving tenant satisfaction and property value.

Plumbing Services and Repair

We handle a wide range of plumbing services and repairs, addressing any issue from minor leaks to major installations. Our professionals ensure all plumbing systems operate efficiently and safely, mitigating risks and avoiding costly future repairs.

HVAC Services and Repair

We offer HVAC services and repairs to ensure optimal comfort and energy efficiency within properties. Regular inspections, maintenance, and prompt repairs of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are integral parts of our commitment to keeping your property in prime condition.

Electrical Services and Repair

We provide comprehensive electrical services and repairs, ensuring all wiring, lighting, and power systems in your property are up to standard and safe. Our qualified technicians carry out inspections, maintenance, and prompt repairs, mitigating risks associated with electrical faults.

Drywall / Paint Services & Repair

Our services include drywall installation and repair, along with professional painting services. We address any wear and tear effectively, ensuring the walls of your properties remain in excellent condition, contributing to a welcoming environment for tenants.

Mold Remediation

We offer mold remediation services to ensure your properties are safe and healthy environments. Identifying potential mold issues early and implementing effective remediation techniques is a priority for us, mitigating any health risks for tenants and protecting the structural integrity of the property.

Properties We Manage

Multi Family Properties
Commercial Buildings
Single family Homes

JMK’s ribbon cutting ceremony for the Miami Beach office.

Why Choose JMK?

JMK Property Management is Miami Beach’s preferred property management company. Operating under JMK Group, our Property Management division is part of our vertically integrated business model- providing all of our clients needs under one roof. With over 800 units across Miami Dade county, and the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce building in our portfolio- we have a trusted presence in our community.