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Expert Tenant Management Solutions

At JMK Property Management, our Tenant Management Services prioritize effective tenant relations, smooth transitions, emergency response, and necessary evictions. We create a harmonious living environment for higher tenant satisfaction and retention.

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Tenant Relations

We prioritize building and maintaining positive relationships with all tenants.

Regular communication, swift resolution of concerns, and attention to their comfort and satisfaction are key to fostering a cooperative and pleasant living environment.

Move In / Move Out

We manage all aspects of the move-in and move-out process.

From property walk-throughs and documentation at the start of the lease, to ensuring properties are left in good condition at the end of tenancy, we make these transitions smooth and hassle-free.

Emergency Response

We provide an efficient emergency response service, ensuring that any urgent tenant issues or property emergencies are addressed promptly.

Our proactive approach minimizes potential damages and disruption, and provides tenants with peace of mind.


In the rare instances when evictions become necessary, we handle the process professionally and in accordance with legal regulations.

Our aim is always to resolve issues amicably, but we are prepared to take decisive action to protect your property.

Properties We Manage

We Will Take Care Of Your Property So You Can Take Care Of Your Bucket List

JMK’s ribbon cutting ceremony for the Miami Beach office.

Why Choose JMK?

JMK Property Management is Miami Beach’s preferred property management company. Operating under JMK Group, our Property Management division is part of our vertically integrated business model- providing all of our clients needs under one roof. 

With over 800 units across Miami Dade county, and the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce building in our portfolio- we have a trusted presence in our community.