Tenant FAQ

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Expert Residents FAQ Solutions

We accept online payments and checks for rent payments. Online payments are encouraged since they are the quickest, and most efficient way to pay rent. You may also set up easy autopay to make sure you’re on time each month. To submit online payments, please login to your Appfolio account.

Our grace period for rent payments is 3 days. If rent is not paid by the 3rd of each month, a late fee will be assessed of $100. However, late fees may vary based on which property.

Prior to the end of your lease period, you will receive a notice within 75 days of your lease termination date which will require your response to indicate if you wish to move out, or renew. If you wish to renew, simply notify someone on the JMK Team and they will share the new lease and any updated terms or rent increases.

If for any reason you need to end your lease early, you must inform the JMK team as soon as you intend to terminate your lease early. Lease break fees are 2x monthly rent, so the exact amount is determined by your lease agreement, communicated to you by the property manager.

Typical deposits are equal to 1 month’s rent. Deductions will be taken for damages over and above normal wear and tear.

Specific fees may vary by property, and will be communicated by the JMK Team prior to signing a lease. However, we impose pet fees and lease application fees for all properties.

If you have a maintenance emergency or request, you may request service through your online tenant portal, or call the emergency maintenance hotline. Visit this page for more information.

Tenants are responsible for minor repairs or damages. See your lease for more details.

Yes, we do have breed restrictions on all properties where pets are allowed, and restrictions vary depending which property you are renting at. The details will be outlined in the lease. You can always ask a JMK team member if you’re unsure- click here to get in touch with us.

You are permitted to make minor changes to your unit- such as mounting artwork and decor, changing fixtures, and even painting walls. However, at the end of the lease, the unit must be returned to its original condition.

Yes, insurance is required at all properties under JMK Management with a $100,000 liability coverage minimum.

When moving into a property, you can expect to pay the application fee and first month’s rent, last month’s rent, and a security deposit prior to moving in. You will also sign a lease agreement, and complete move in inventory (record of unit condition upon move in).

We ask for a 60 day notice, prior to the lease termination date.

If you intend on moving out at the end of your lease, we require a 60-day notice. You should return the unit to its original condition (regarding cleanliness and any modifications made), schedule a walk through with the JMK Team, and finally return keys. We will mail your security deposit back (if applicable) within 30 days of your move out date.

The JMK Team will work with you to resolve any disputes or issues with neighbors, within reason. If you are experiencing any issues or have a dispute with a fellow tenant, please report to the JMK Property Management Team. If you are in immediate danger or experiencing an emergency, please call 911.