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Leasing Services Overview

Leasing is vital in property management. At JMK Property Management, we provide exceptional services to streamline this process, including lease execution, renewals, tenant screening, and efficient rent collection. 

Our experienced team ensures a hassle-free experience for property owners and tenants.

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Lease Execution & Renewals

We manage lease execution and renewals with thorough attention to detail. 

Our proactive approach to renewals aims to maintain occupancy and foster lasting tenant relationships.
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Tenant Screening

We conduct comprehensive tenant screening to ensure only qualified and responsible tenants occupy your property

Our screening process evaluates potential tenants’ financial stability, rental history, and background, ensuring they align with your property’s standards and requirements.

Tenant Retention

Our team works diligently to maintain high tenant retention rates. 

We implement strategies that focus on tenant satisfaction and timely resolution of issues, fostering a positive living environment that encourages tenants to renew their leases.

Rent & Fee Collection

We manage rent collection efficiently to ensure a steady income stream for property owners. 

Our process includes timely billing, multiple payment options for tenants, and proactive measures to address any late payments, maintaining a balance between tenant convenience and consistent revenue generation.

Properties We Manage

We Will Take Care Of Your Property So You Can Take Care Of Your Bucket List

JMK’s ribbon cutting ceremony for the Miami Beach office.

Why Choose JMK?

JMK Property Management is Miami Beach’s preferred property management company. Operating under JMK Group, our Property Management division is part of our vertically integrated business model- providing all of our clients needs under one roof. 

With over 800 units across Miami Dade county, and the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce building in our portfolio- we have a trusted presence in our community.