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Commercial Property Management Services Overview

At JMK Property Management, we specialize in managing commercial properties with a comprehensive approach. Our services include meticulous maintenance, inspections, vendor and contract management, legal compliance, leasing, financial services, and tenant management. We pride ourselves on fostering positive tenant relationships that drive business success.

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Maintenance & Inspections

Our in-house team conducts regular maintenance and thorough inspections to ensure the optimal condition and operational efficiency of your commercial property. By proactively identifying and addressing potential issues, we mitigate risks, reduce repair costs, and ensure the longevity of your investment.

Vendor & Contract Management

We manage all vendors and contracts related to your property, ensuring services are performed to standard and contracts are fair and beneficial. This includes negotiating terms, overseeing work, and ensuring timely payments, freeing you from daily operational concerns.

Emergency Planning and Response

We develop and implement robust emergency plans, particularly for critical events such as hurricanes. Our proactive approach ensures your property and tenants are prepared and protected, minimizing potential damages and ensuring a quick recovery.

Legal Compliance

We navigate the complexities of commercial real estate laws to ensure your property remains compliant with all relevant regulations. This includes zoning laws, environmental regulations, and safety standards, protecting your investment from potential legal disputes.

Leasing & Financial Services

We manage all aspects of leasing and financial transactions related to your commercial property. This includes rent and fee collection, lease enforcement, and financial reporting, ensuring a steady revenue stream and transparent record-keeping.

Tenant Management

We foster and manage positive relationships with your commercial tenants. This includes handling inquiries and complaints, coordinating property showings, and implementing strategies to improve tenant retention, all crucial for the success and longevity of your investment.

Properties We Manage

We Will Take Care Of Your Property So You Can Take Care Of Your Bucket List

JMK’s ribbon cutting ceremony for the Miami Beach office.

Why Choose JMK?

JMK Property Management is Miami Beach’s preferred property management company. Operating under JMK Group, our Property Management division is part of our vertically integrated business model- providing all of our clients needs under one roof. With over 800 units across Miami Dade county, and the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce building in our portfolio- we have a trusted presence in our community.